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Boat of Dreams

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April 2023

This is a soft, gentle coloured rowing boat in water. This is my largest canvas piece yet. It is a mixed medium piece, with acrylics in the background and oils for the boat.

This piece embodies the sentiment that on any day, you can stop to enjoy a moment. A moment with a friend, or my favourite, by yourself near some water. Life can be so messy, and I find it too easy to tell myself "things will be easier when...", "once that is sorted, I will feel better", but I could probably say that for my whole life. So, the Dream of Boats, reminds me (and hopefully you!) that we have a choice, each day, to chose to make it a good one, even when things aren't going to plan.

This piece will make the perfect feature to the contemporary home.

Painted, in Buckinghamshire, over a couple of sunny spring days.

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