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Abstract wall art, mixed medium on canvas. Sublte yet bold pinks, purples and white. Plenty of texture to this piece, bringing the sultry tones to life. 


This piece was fun but hard to finish and it went through many transitions. On reflection, it was the perfect journey for what the painting now stands for. The strength of a women. You might not always be able to see it, with women often being shown to be soft, sensual and gentle. We can be that, but I know we are also fierce, hardy and at time, brutal. So, the different layers, the nooks and bumps of this piece are here to remind you that whatever life throws at you, you can deal with it. Your journey isn't meant to look like anyone else's, so don't worry when things are different, lean into the change. Embrace it!


Upcycled canvas measuring 20x28 inches. 

Woman of Strength

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