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This is a new piece and my largest canvas yet. Painted using acrylics and oils, this piece has plenty of texture, perfectly capturing the hazy summer senses. Inspired by the idea of freedom to be still, this piece is one that resonates with my soul! 


This piece embodies the sentiment that on any day, you can stop to enjoy a moment. A moment with a friend, or my favourite, by yourself near some water. Life can be so messy, and I find it too easy to tell myself "things will be easier when...", "once that is sorted, I will feel better", but I could probably say that for my whole life. So, the Dream of Boats, reminds me (and hopefully you!) that we have a choice, each day, to chose to make it a good one, even when things aren't going to plan.


Painted in Buckinghamshire.


Measures 32 x 40 inches, portait. 

Boat of Dreams

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